MONITORING services rests in regular watching of Trademark Registries in order to early detect trademark applications identical/similar our clients’ prior trademarks. Early intervention against registration of a collision mark can safeguard the prior rights holder form the risk of economic loss because consumers can confuse this mark with the prior trademark.


Our annual cost of watching one word or graphic trademark for 1 - 3 classes is EUR 220.

Please note that the above cost is not fixed. We normally offer quantity discount and other bonuses as a result of long-term cooperation. So, do not hesitate and contact us in order to come to mutual agreement on the best watching and cost policy.

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Community Designs after BREXIT

At the end of the transition period (1 January 2021) Community Designs (RCDs), unregistered Community Designs (UCDs), will no longer be valid in the United Kingdom. These rights will be immediately and automatically replaced by UK rights. For pending RCD application on 1 January 2021, some other steps must be taken till 30.09.2021 in order get the UK Registration. More information here